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Cecil Touchon - Scores



Film several minutes of a waterfall
Create a film twenty minutes long of the water falling in slow motion. Submit to film festivals.



Go into the very large drain pipe.
Make vowel sounds held during the duration of your breath.



Stare at a set of closed blinds on the west side of your house while the sun goes down.
Sustain until dark.
Maintain concentration.


Find a painting in your house.
Stare at the nail in the wall for 20 minutes.
Try not to blink or loose your concentration. 


Note: observe the workings of your mind as it tries to figure out why your just sitting there. 


Sit on a chair in a room with a tile floor.
Pick a spot on the floor stare at it for 25 minutes.



Sit in a field of grass on a perfectly calm day. Pick a spot and stare at it for 20 minutes without changing your focal point. 


Notes: watch in you peripheral vision how the grass moves itself.



Calculate the number of days that you have been alive. Carefully gesso an appropriately sized canvas or panel. Using a marking system (brush, pen, pencil, etc.) Place successive individual marks on the ground equivalent in number to the days that you have been alive up until that day.


MEDITATION-008 - (Bodhi Mind)

Have a very large bowl-like container fabricated out of stone, concrete, metal, etc. Vessel should be 36 to 60 inches in diameter and about 18 inches to 24 inches deep and filled with water to the brim. Calculate the approximate evaporation rate of the vessel. From the ceiling, hopefully a 12 feet or higher ceiling, install a device that allows water to drip into the center of the vessel at about the same rate as the water is evaporating.
Once constructed and functioning meditate daily on the activity in the basin.


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