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Cecil Touchon - Scores

Performance - 001

Take one hundred of your drawings and burn them.
Do the action privately as an act of sacrifice.
Save the ashes into an urn.


Performance -002

Take one hundred of your drawings and burn them.
Compress the ashes into a stick form and make new drawings.
Repeat if desired.


Performance - 003

Take one hundred of your drawings and burn them.
Mix the ashes into a painting medium and make a black painting with them.



Find out how many radio stations are on in your city. Get that many participants. Have each person bring their portable radio with batteries. Set each radio to a different station until all stations are one at the same time. Have each person dance or move about according to the rhythm of their station. Occasionally people should bump into each other. Have a person gesture trying to understand the other person's music then tune to that station so that two people are on the same station. Have this continue until there are several clusters of people dancing together, each cluster to a single station. Eventually have clusters join together until the whole group are listening to the same station.


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