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Neil Horsky

A Fluxusignment is a simple, inexpensive art project.

FLUXUSIGNMENT – Make list of Fluxusignments, write them each down on their own card, and have art participants pick them at random, 1 per participant.  Write your email address on each card, and request that the participant send you a jpeg documenting the completion of his or her Fluxusignment.

Fluxusignment 1 – Spray or douse all fire hydrants in commercial district of your neighborhood with pet stain remover.

Fluxusignment 2 – Leave a trail of Jimmies from Police Station to Dunkin’ Donuts.

Fluxusignment 3 – Scotch tape a key to a pocket protector so that when worn the key is visible.  Wear until someone asks about it/comments on it and then give key to that person.

Fluxusignment 4 – Hang plaid fabric from tree in golf course

<>Fluxusignment 5 – Find one or more good skipping stone(s), and write, “WORLD RECORD, [a #],” on it/them with a Sharpie.  Leave on bench by pond.

Fluxusignment 6 – Write “BOAT RACE CHAMP” on a collection of dead leaves, place in Mason jar, leave by brook.

Fluxusignment 7 – Tie red bow around the trunk of every other tree you pass between your home and liquor store.

<>Fluxusignment 8 – Acquire three different sized junk store pots (that each have a hole at the end of their handle), tie together with twine, put a foot long stick in each, and leave at bus stop booth or park bench.  <>

Fluxusignment 9 – Place 1 kazoo, 1 crayon, 1 container of Play-Doh, and 1 sheet of paper in box and mail to a person in the phonebook with your last name (or closest to it if there are no matches).  <>

Fluxusignment 10 – Make an empty flipbook with note cards and staples.  Place in box with pencil and mail to person in phonebook with your last name spelled backwards (or closest to it).

Fluxusignment 11 – Inflate a white balloon and write, “GENTRIFICATION,” on it with a Sharpie.  Tie a good length of twine/ribbon/string to it, tie numerous deflated black and brown balloons to the twine/ribbon/string and tie everything to tree/post in front of real estate office.

Fluxusignment 12 – Roll large sheet of paper into cone, still keeping a small hole at the thin end, and tape shut.  Write “YOUR’S” on it with Sharpie and attach it to a milk crate with a good length of twine.  Leave on steps of City/Town Hall.

Fluxusignment 13 – On a white, 1-piece, long underwear suit, paint vertical black stripes, and hang it from power lines in front of Boston Stock Exchange.

Fluxusignment 14 – Place deflated basketball and football at steps of high school with a syringe sticking in each ball’s air hole.

Fluxusignment 15 – Purchase random, small, inexpensive items from hardware store, tie together with twine, hang from tree/post outside hardware store.

Fluxusignment 16 – On a collection of Metro front pages, drip coffee so that each front page is different and scotch tape them to the part of T seats between the floor and the cushion.  Should fill one car.

Fluxusignment 17 – Use mannequin(s) at local clothing store for figure drawing model, leave drawing(s) at store.

Fluxusignment 18 – Take one cup from each restaurant in food court of local mall and place upside down and adjacent on trashcan, in the form of a square if the can is square, or a circle if it is circular.

Fluxusignment 19 – Paint monochromatic painting on face with face paint, go to work/school.*

*I couldn’t convince anyone to do this one, so I may have to.

Fluxusignment 20 – Assume a position of worship of your choosing in front of a street ATM.

Fluxusignment 21 – Take 2 dice and 3 pieces chalk (1 blue, 1 red, 1 white)* to sidewalk.  Roll dice 3 times.  The first roll will determine which color chalk to use (doubles=white, even=blue, odd=red).  The second roll will determine what shape you will draw (doubles=circle, even=square, odd=triangle).  The third roll will determine which color chalk you will use to fill in the shape (doubles=white, even=blue, odd=red).  Repeat this 12 times, drawing and filling in 12 shapes, arranged at own discretion.

 *Alternate 3 chalks are orange (for blue), green (for red), and black (for white).

Fluxusignment 22 – Go to ICA, sit in chair/on bench in gallery, blindfold yourself and cover your ears with your hands.  Hold for as long as possible.

Fluxusignment 23 – Make a cent symbols out of 2 bicycle tubes and wire/twine/staples.  Place in front of RMV.

Fluxusignment 24 – Tie a bicycle tube around a Power Bar and a Poland Spring bottle.  Write “$2.50/GAL” with silver paint-pen near knot of tube, leave at gas station below prices sign.

Fluxusignment 25 – Go to numerous parks (State, DCR, Trustees of Reservations, Town, NWR) in different towns and pick one flower from each park, recording from which park you picked each flower.  Press the flowers.  For each flower, find a person in the phonebook whose last name is the same as the name of the town where the park is (or closest to it).  Draw a map from that person’s house to the park on a piece of paper, fold in half around pressed flower, and mail to that person.

Fluxusignment 26 – Go to Esplanade with bottled waters and any flag.  Stand by the bike path, extend waters in offering to passing cyclists, roller-bladers, joggers, while waving flag and hooting and hollering.
Fluxusignment 27 – Drip diluted water-based paint in various colors on numerous white rags and distribute to shoe shiners in Financial District.
Fluxusignment 28 – Make an apple pipe with a Granny Smith.  Write, “Rx,” on it in sharpie, leave outside pharmacy.
Fluxusignment 29 – Write, “ART,” on a napkin and a tissue with a Bic pen.  Use napkin to wipe mouth after eating, and tissue to blow nose when runny.  Dispose of accordingly after using.
Fluxusignment 30 – Cut out three photos, one monkey, one human, one robot, and collage sequentially.
Fluxusignment 31 – Put a feather on every sign with a Native American word on it within a mile of your house.
Fluxusignment 32 – Find a map of a river delta, a branch, and a diagram of a nervous system that all closely correspond, arrange, and display.
Fluxusignment 33 – 3 apples – 1 frozen, 1 juiced, 1 boiled.
Fluxusignment 34 – Make a necklace, a bracelet, and a talisman out of Starbucks trash (twine, safety pin, and glue/tape can also be used).  Wear for one day.

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