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Welcome to the FluxNexus.
The FluxNexus was created to establish a contemporary expression of fluxus and fluxus-like activities and networks using, primarily, the internet as the communication medium of choice without reliance on, connection to or approval of traditional fluxus networks. We are first, second and third generation Fluxus artists known among ourselves as the FluxNexus creating a fluxus tradition beyond the cult of fluxism.

This FluxNexus Festival Guide and Private Performance Workbook is a gathering together of scores and performance ideas by members for use in upcoming festivals, private actions and events and for studio production for visual art and sound works and anything else we might dream up.

The book includes meditations, scores, instructions, recipes, and ideas for both private and public use by individuals and groups.

The main focus is on performance works that an individual or small
group of individuals perform in the privacy of their own home -
but of course - they might also perform them in a public space, on the
street, in a store or restaurant etc. as appropriate.

This project is open to anyone on the fluxnexus email group.
Participants will be credited and a link to their website if any is mentioned will be included on the website version.

Essays on contemporary expressions of fluxus activity are welcome for
inclusion in the book.