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A styrofoam or other disposable drinking cup.
A small, shallow box
instructions that say: reconstruct enclosed cup fill with water.
Instructions for constructing object:
Break or cut up disposable cup store in box with printed instructions attach label to outside of box. Close box to store, Open box to display follow instructions to perform.

Fort Worth 2006


Aquire a bird cage pack full with barbie dolls.

Fort Worth 2006


Aquire a plastic or porceline hand
build or aquire a box of the appropriate size to hold the hand. on the box write "Hope this Helps", on the hand write: "A Helping Hand (on loan)"

Fort Worth 2006


Go into the middle of a large, dense crowd with a stick of chalk (and a chalk holder if you have one) moving backwards begin drawing a line into a circle aprox 14 feet in
diamiter asking people to move out of your way as you draw the circle.
As you complete the circle ask people to exit the circle through the remaining opening before closing the circle.
Draw the circle closed with you in it.
Keep moving around the circle perfecting the shape of it and keeping people out.

For added fun, if you have 3 or 4 friends willing to participate you can add some additional elements.
  1. You dress in a suit or smock, your friends as body gaurds. Have friends keep people out of the circle while you stand on the middle.
  2. With friends as 'bouncers' leave a small opening in circle as a door and sell tickets to the crowd to be inside the circle or give away tickets selectively.
  3. In combination with # 2, have a radio (or musician) and make a micro disco out of the circle for people to dance.
Cecil Touchon, 2005 for DDD (day de dada)


Take a thirty to fifty foot long by four feet wide strip of 4 mill polyurethane plastic. With a wide point black permanent marker make a line diagonally from the top corner at one end of the plastic to the bottom corner at the other end of the strip. Roll tightly so that when finished the line starts at one side and, spiraling, disappears into the center of the roll.



Proposal for a Commission

Go into a space, establish the exact locations where photographs will be exhibited. Find the corresponding locations on the outside of the structure, place camera facing out from that point. Take photographs. Once developed and framed, hang photographs in those locations on the inside wall.



Proposal for a Commission

Go into a space, establish the exact locations where photographs will be exhibited. Using a wide angle lens place camera to take a photo of the exterior views pointing toward those locations. Take photographs. Once developed and framed, hang photographs in those locations in the exhibition space.


Xerox Works  


Take a alpha bet stencil, preferably a used one, and make a photocopy of it. Take the copy and make a photo copy of it. Repeat until the image is no longer recognizable (50 to 80 generations)



make a photocopy of your hand. Take the copy and make a photo copy of it. Repeat until the image is no longer recognizable (50 to 80 generations)




Set up a video camera pointing at an ash tray. Light one package of twenty cigarettes. Arrange in a circle in the ash tray. record on video the twenty cigarettes burning down to the filter (or use a non-filtered cigarette)


Video Tape three hours of rush hour traffic starting before the rush and continuing until the rush is in full bloom and everyone has gone from 55 mph to 5 mph. Edit out two hours and keep the part that shows the transition. Do this from the summit street bridge in Fort, Worth Texas. 1980


Take a video camera on a tripod and point it directly into the monitor. Zoom in to find the other side of infinity. 1977 SLCC
Notes: when I did this it did some strange things that I couldn't account for happened.



Go to a local library that has the best visual arts resources. Begin at 'A' and take one foot of books at a time to a table. Page through every book looking at every image of art regardless of style, period or medium. When finished get the next foot of books and so on until you have see every visual art image in the library. Leave books on table.


Fame by Association

Make 100 small works of art on paper. Send to 100 well know persons in the art world. Add each person's name to your resume that do not send works back to you.


Public Collections

Create a number of very small sculptures.
Go to museums all over the world.
Dig a small hole on the museum grounds.
Place sculpture in hole and replace dirt.
Document if desired.
Add museums to the collections part of your resume.


Book Project

Produce a book of your work. Carry it into various libraries and place on shelf in the appropriate location for a book of your art if there were one.


Paint what you can not see.


Musical Paintings

Make paintings of music or based on musical principles of composition.


If the Glove Fits

Fill gloves with concrete.



Dig a series of 24 x 24 x 12 inch holes in your yard. Define with wooden supports. Fill with materials such as stone, gravel, sand, shards, broken glass, nails.



Produce tapes that sound like a radio station including music, commercials and odd commentary and play in your car at a busy hamburger joint like Steak and Shake or White Castle in the parking lot. Play music loud and try to get other people to attempt to find the station on their radio.



Go with an other person dressed up in nice clothes perhaps suits or white lab coats and with cameras and a notepad to an industrial part of town. Take photographs and notes about the area. When you encounter local residents ask general questions about the industry in the area, where do they live, have they ever noticed any unusual activity in the neighborhood. Write down their answers. When they ask what you are doing and who you are give indirect, ambiguous answers that don't actually answer their questions. Give the impression that you may be doing some research about a local company. Once you have created a stir leave.



Depackaging Exhibition

Demonstration of how powerful artistic manipulation is in modern products.

Purchase 20 to 50 popular name brand packages of products from the local grocery store (depending on exhibition space available).

Examples: Campbell’s Soup can, Coca Cola bottle, Clorox Bleach, Wonder Bread, Pepsi Cola, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, Tide Laundry Soap, Lay's Potato Chips

Pick a variety of products that are easily recognizable by their packaging, colors and logos.

Carefully write down every word or other written matter on each package beginning with the largest words and proceeding to the smallest. Write in a poetic form. Type these commercial messages and package information onto an standard 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. Have each one framed in a simple document frame.

Paint the packages with primer/gesso with as many coats as needed to leave the packages without any trace of the orginal design or colors.

Build shelving to hold all of the  painted packages or somehow attach packages to the wall with the framed poem of its contents and advertising hung next to each.



Write a strange message or drawing and photo copy as many times as you like. Place copies in various books in the local library for people to find.



Take a chalk holding stick and lots of chalk.
Chart out a twenty mile walk along a paved road.
Drag the chalk along continuously replacing as needed.
Draw a continuos line 20 miles long.



Take an etching plate 12 x 12 inches.
Prepare it to the point where an image can be scratched onto the plate. Take the plate to a parking lot. Taking the plate by one corner, throw the plate like a Frisbee horizontally parallel with the parking lot so that the plate spins and scratches against the parking lot surface like a stone skipping across a lake.
Clean up the edges, etch and print.


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